First Lady Melania Trump’s Birthday is April 26th

Let’s make her birthday extra special by “sending” her a birthday card.

Sign Melania’s card today to wish her a Happy Birthday!

How is it that our BEAUTIFUL First Lady is not on the cover of EVERY magazine?  Check out these wonderful photos of her.


A look back:

Melania Trump’s Birthday: A Look at Her Most Fashionable Outings

Lifestyle | Associated Press | April 26, 2018, 8:50 am

On Melania Trump’s birthday, Here are her best fashion outings. Take a look at the pictures!

47 photos on Melania Trump’s 47th birthday

As a model and wife of President Donald Trump, Melania Trump has been in the spotlight for much of the past two decades. As the first lady turns 47 on Wednesday, POLITICO takes a look at her changing looks and level of influence through the years.

By Kristen East 04/26/2017 03:30 PM EDT

Melania’s birthday
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