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Become a Precinct Delegate

We are asking all Republicans looking to be involved in local politics to sign up to be a Precinct Delegate. The role of a Precinct Delegate is a critical position in the political process.

What is a Precinct Delegate?

  • A Precinct Delegate is an elected position. The Precinct Delegate’s name will appear on the partisan section of the ballot in their precinct. A candidate and their neighbors will be able to vote for the candidate to become the Precinct Delegate.
  • A Precinct Delegate is elected to serve as a delegate to their party’s county convention. In this role, they vote to elect the county party’s leadership and to select delegates to go to the state convention. State convention delegates in turn elect state party leadership, national convention delegates and nominees for offices like Attorney General and Secretary of State.
  • Precinct delegates are THE grassroots. They are integral to having an organized, active base of support for the party and its candidates as they are on the front line in their community. Precinct Delegates are the eyes and ears of the party in their neighborhoods. They are the face of the party and the channel for delivering the party’s message at the most local level.

How to become a Precinct Delegate

  1. Download and Print Out the Precinct Delegate Affidavit of Identity.
  2. Fill out the Affidavit BUT DO NOT SIGN (the form needs to be notarized and will be signed then). Petition signatures are NOT required.
  3. Bring the Affidavit to signed and notarized at your local municipal clerk’s office
  4. File the Affidavit with the County Clerk’s office.

Precinct Delegate Resources

Please reference the following resource for more information about the Precinct Delegate role:

Precinct Delegate Candidates

Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing

Precinct Delegate Write-In Candidate Declaration of Intent