I was very happy to be able to join the Wayne 11th showing of the movie “Unplanned.”  As always, it was great to be around so many wonderful Republicans, and to support a great cause.

I am glad I saw the movie, and I highly recommend it, BUT it was very surprising to me.  My jaw was lowered and my hands were covering my mouth and my eyes quite often.

I was told I looked like I had seen a ghost after the movie.  I was most certainly in some level of shock most of the time while in the theater.

The story was very REAL.  It showed A LOT.

One image that is burned into my brain is the one of the baby, on the ultrasound image, being aborted.

Ultrasound-guided abortion scene

The baby was CLEARLY feeling the pain and trying to GET AWAY from the machine that was killing it in a barbaric fashion.

“An unfeeling clump of cells” is the sales pitch.  A bunch of lies told to millions in order to sell murder $$$$$.

The image of the aborted baby in the room where their parts are “re-assembled”, to make sure nothing was left in the Mother, will also never leave me.

Another image I will never get out of my brain is the one of the young gal going through a chemical abortion.

Slight bleeding and minor cramps like a period is the sales pitch.  The reality is a bloody and long lasting living hell for the unsuspecting Mother.  I could say more about the clumps, but will let you figure that one out.

The important message was perfectly delivered without missing a detail.

All people, teens and up, need to see this movie.  The rating should be PG-13 so one of the key target audiences is more apt to see it.

I will most certainly never forget this movie.

Written by Tami Carlone. Published with permission.
Another Unplanned Movie Review
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